Art Digital Capture

High resolution digital image capture is essential for effective giclée printing from fine art originals, and is a vital and often underrated stage in the process.

The technology and treatment employed needs to take into account a diverse range of characteristics embodied in the original piece.

  • media
  • substrate
  • size
  • reflective properties
  • surface texture

With the correct approach, we are able to produce highly effective images from a wide variety of media and original sizes including:

  • pastels
  • pencil
  • conté
  • pen & ink
  • watercolour
  • gouach
  • acrylic
  • oils
  • mixed media
  • montage
  • highly textured impasto
  • 3D object collage

Triptych by Stephen Petrucci Fox


Irrespective of the exact fine art scanning process used, our workflow is precisely controlled in terms of sharpness, file size, illumination, colour profiling, final colour and tonal adjustment.

All captures are fine tuned to the exact characteristics of our Epson 44” large format printer.

Throughout the process we are committed to the reproduction of images that are as technically accurate as possible, but crucially, also aim to convey the original soul and emotion found in the original work.

There are two distinct possible routes for the capture process:

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