Art Drum Scanning

Some fine art originals are suitable for drum scanning. Scanners of this type use photo-multipliers to capture image information rather than CCD technology. They are widely acknowledged to produce very high quality images with exceptional sharpness and contrast range (4.0 D+). Fine art originals can be mounted directly on the drum scanner if:

  • the substrate is no larger than 346 x 481mm
  • the image area is no larger than 316 x 472mm
  • the substrate and media applied are flexible enough to wrap around the drum (160mm diameter)
  • the substrate is free from cockling
  • the surface texture is not too extreme
  • the media is stable / securely fixed

Art originals that don't fall within the above critera can usually be captured using our studio based large format digital scanback camera process.

Art Drum Scanning from Transparencies

We can also work from copy transparencies in formats up to 10 x 8"+. Please see RGB Drum Scanning for further details and price guide.

10 x 8" fine art copy transparency - Robin Eckardt

Fine art mounted on drum

Art Drum Scan Capture - Price Guide

From fine art originals (see specification above).
Prices in Sterling, excluding VAT where applicable.
Please contact us for an estimate on your specific requirements.

Art drum scanning - price guide



It is generally advisable to verify results by way of a giclée printed proof, on the intended media. This would normally be a cropped area of the image, at the same scale as the eventual print. A4 cropped proofs on matt art paper are normally charged at £6.50 plus VAT. Varnished canvas proofs are normally charged at £8.50 plus VAT.

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