RGB Colour Negative Scanning

For colour negative originals, (and most B+W negatives) the majority of our high resolution scanning work is produced on a high end CCD based scanner.

With this particular original media we have found the results with this technology to be superior in many respects to drum scanning. Colour negative scans tend to be inherently rather more grainy. To counter this, our dedicated CCD scanner has contrast, saturation and grain supression characteristics that are particularly well suited to the medium. The scanner is configured with the latest 16 bit imaging software which allows a wide latitude in colour and tonal rendering, for image optimisation.

We are able to get particularly good results from negatives that have had special processing treatments such as cross processing (colour negative stock processed in reversal chemistry), which are notoriously challenging to reproduce.

Cross process scan - Sally Mundy 

cross processed negative scan
Sally Mundy 

RGB Colour Negative Scanning - Price Guide

From colour or B&W negatives.
Prices in sterling, excluding VAT (where applicable).
Please contact us for an estimate on your specific project.

The scanning includes all individual colour/density grading and cleaning (cloning) of final image files.

Colour negative scanning

All originals are cleaned and mounted in an anti-newton glass carrier prior to scanning. This method produces scans with very consistent edge to edge sharpness.

Format and maximum file sizes are slightly more limited than for the drum scanner. In practical terms, we can produce scans of up to 60Mb (8 bit) TIFF from a 35mm negative and correspondingly larger files from a medium format original (up to 220 Mb, 8 bit, TIFF from 6x7cm).

The technical specification for our Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner is:

  • colour space: custom ICC profiled to Adobe RGB (1998)
  • negative formats: 35mm up to 6x9cm
  • resolution up to up to 4000 dpi (157.5 p.p.mm) optical resolution
  • technology: CCD
  • image file format: TIFF
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RGB colour negative scanning - price guide